I was born in Santiago, Chile.
I’ve failed at many things.
I tried to become a basketball player. Too short for that.
I tried to become a professional dancer. I started too late, I got injured, and very disappointed.
I tried to become a researcher in sociology. I did not get along with sociology. I wanted numbers, but sociology wanted theory.
I tried to become a researcher in public policy and economics. We did get along for a while, but I did not have enough mathematics to offer.

I moved to the USA.
I tried to become a researcher in psychology and cognitive neuroscience. We have a few amazing couples of years. But the demand for absolute devotion was too much for me. I also discover that science lied a lot to me. Life in academia was not what they told me.
I discovered, very late, that I love computers, programming, data, and just casually thinking about the science oh human intelligence.

I still love basketball. I still do research, this time in computational cognitive science in a PhD program. I code and work with computers every day. I organize a Data Science Meetup group. I like to help people to learn more about data science and cognitive science, although most people don’t need or ask for my help.

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